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Evernote Helper starts at login... and I can't make it stop!




I'm using Evernote Version 5.5.1 (402628 App Store) on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.5). According to the App Store, Evernote is up to date. I can't update to Yosemite yet, so if there's a newer version that requires Yosemite, that's not an option for me.



Evernote Helper starts up every time I log in. And I can't make it stop.


- I've already checked System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. Evernote Helper isn't there.


- I've gone into the Evernote app's preferences and unchecked "Keep Evernote Helper running in the background" and both boxes underneath (Show Elephant and Start the Evernote Helper when I log in).


Still, every time I log in, Evernote Helper starts. The Elephant icon doesn't appear in the menubar, but I checked Activity Monitor, and Evernote Helper is running.



Solution? Does anyone have one?

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Just logged in at my computer... and before I'd opened any other apps, I launched Activity Monitor... and there was the Evernote Helper app, running for no apparent reason.


I'm trying to stop this from happening so that my iMac won't take so long from when I log in to when I can actually start using it. So I'm clearing out just about everything that starts up automatically. And I can't seem to prevent Evernote Helper from loading...

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