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Evernote 5.7 (and 5.7.1) upgrade, some notes won't sync

JL Reyna


I had written some custom AppleScript to move notes between notebooks based on the date (I use Evernote for task management), which no longer works after the upgrade to 5.7 or 5.7.1.  That's okay, I'm sure I can work out the kinks in my code, but the real issue is that some of my notes that were being accessed by this code (i.e. moved frequently) seem to have been somehow locked in sync limbo.  They will not sync with the cloud, but I also cannot delete or move them because, having not yet synced, they are locked.  My real goal here is just to be able to delete all these newly locked notes.  Any suggestions?

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Sorry for my delayed response on this.  I've put in a ticket (#909994) with my activity log, although I recognize that it's now probably too far out to see anything from when I first had the problem.  Thanks for your help on this.

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