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Printing an Evernote

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Print is not normally available on mobile devices,  fully implemented on desktops - for single notes.  Printing things out is kind've anti-intuitive if you're trying to be paperless..

Right click any note name in one note views,  choose 'print note'..  OR  choose 'copy note link' and view note in browser;  print from browser

When you print notes from Evernote,  check in Print Options - so you can omit unnecessary items like,  say,  location.

NB Print doesn't appear in the Web client - use the browser's print options.

Another option - FastPencil is book-publishing software that imports Evernote notes into a manuscript for publishing.  It seems like a possible option for getting multiple notes into a specific format.  It might be overkill considering its capabilities... but it's free to try out - and you might want to create a book.

FastPencil - https://fp.fastpencil.com/signup_evernote

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