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Maximum note size

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None of my note sizes exceed the 25 MB limit for a free account (It will take about 500 pages of text to equal one megabyte. If a page has 4000 characters (single-spaced), then it will take about 250 pages of text to equal one megabyte) yet I keep getting a warning every time I touch the app.

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Not sure about this "pages" business because "pages" is ultimately an arbitrary unit that doesn't necessarily point to anything to do with filesize. More importantly, Evernote doesn't use the "pages" analogy, so it isn't terribly useful here.


That being said, there are a few considerations:

Are you SURE you don't have a note that exceeds 25mb? You can verify this by, on your windows or mac machine:

1) Entering List view

2) Adding "size" as a column by right-clicking any column header and clicking "size" to add it

3) Enter the "all notes" view (cmd-shift-a on Mac)

4) Click the new "size" column header to sort all your notes by size

5) scroll to the top or bottom (depending on sort order) to locate the largest note. 


You can also check your activity log, it might also tell you what note in particular is being problematic, and might give you a more detailed/accurate explanation of the issue. 

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