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(Archived) Ideas for attracting more beta testers.

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Beta testing can be filled with bug and errors and most of the time the average user doesn't want to bother with them. Adding some benefit for accounts using verified beta clients such as a tad more capacity or expansion on file uploading would definitely draw much more testers and thus more feedback. The benefits shouldn't be no where near your premium membership but should provide some bump up that is noticeable in use other than that of the actual software itself.

Im suggesting this as a possible solution for issues i see with beta testing software and hope that commenters could state what they think of the idea and if they, as users, would move to beta testing clients if such changes were implemented.

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From the number of posts in the Beta Forum (windows client at least), I don't think EN is short on beta testers.

The good thing to test a beta is to (hopefully) prevent from losing productive features from previous versions.

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