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  1. I see Dave's point in questioning the usefulness of a voting/liking system, but I would not simply put it aside for good. I believe that, if a voting system was to be made, we should use each user registered EN account for voting. This way, EN guys would know valuable information like: - 70% of yearly premium users want the X feature, but just 10% of free users want it - 65% of ex-premium users voted for the Y feature in the exact time they stopped paying EN (EN may be losing money for this) - 90% of free users want a Z feature (EN could implement it and making this a Premium-Only feature) And, for the EN users, I believe it's very satisfying to be able to say something and know that EN is seeing it, at least as a number. I always see myself almost sending a "+1" post, just to tell others I agree with them and vote for the feature. (even knowing the "polemical" status of this kind of post)
  2. Is there a way to prevent Modification Date from changing when adding/removing tags? Is there EN clients with different behaviours? According to this thread the Modification Date did not change in EN 3.1 (Win) a while ago. (but I haven't searched for this specific version). You see, I mess a lot with tags in EN, but I this prevents me to know when was the real last modification in a certain note. By the way, moving a note from a notebook to another does not change the Modification Date. And since tags and notebooks are ways to organize notes, it looks a little inconsistent the update happening in one case and not in the other. Besides that, if someone would like to quickly update the modification date, he/she could go in the title and pressing space and then backspace.
  3. Is it possible to write strikethrough text in this forum? If so, how? If not, it appears it's not hard to add this useful funcionality: in phpbb 2 http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=220027 in phpbb 3 http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article/adding- ... in-phpbb3/ Just a suggestion. For now I think I will gray out the text I want to strikethrough
  4. Hey, some good news for the windows client for a change =) Can't wait too! Hope it's not exclusive of web clips, I miss being able to highlight my own notes too.
  5. Yes, it would be nice. I've already asked for a "duplicate note" feature, since it could solve the problem. A work-around is to export the notes you would use as templates and importing them. I've posted the details for windows in this post (it's in the 3.5 forum, but is more related to the windows 3.1 EN version)
  6. It think this is something good. But looks it's kinda specific to expect to be developed in the near future in a lot of different devices. Also, I've read a lot of cool suggestions in the forum, but I don't see those happening, as they benefit a specific number of users. I have the feeling that (I don't know how hard this is) EN could provide a plugin framework (like firefox extensions). So users needing something specific could search for it in a centralized plugin database in EN homepage. So, users that wanted to sacrifice some performance in exchange for a certain feature could easily do that, without turning EN into a bloatware.
  7. From the number of posts in the Beta Forum (windows client at least), I don't think EN is short on beta testers. The good thing to test a beta is to (hopefully) prevent from losing productive features from previous versions.
  8. bignote, it appears to me that this would add unnecessary complexity in the software. You can do most of the tasks using a tag and selecting all notes (7 secs maximum) or sorting by date, selecting the first note do delete, hold SHFT, press END and delete (20 secs or less in Windows client). Just my opinion...
  9. In fact, I would be happier with auto-populate, but at least there was someone using the way it is as a "feature" Since there may be a lot of users already using nested tags for other things, future versions of EN could include auto-populate as an option, I think (and hope )
  10. I think this is not possible. But you can store your notes in a local notebook, so they will never go to Evernote Servers. And, since you'll be using a great application for free (local use only), it appears to me that registering an account is a very small price to pay. What are your concerns?
  11. Wow! Thanks for the explanation! I was thinking they should be used just for grouping (and not using them for anything else).
  12. Is there a way to ignore accents when searching in EverNote, like Google does? So that I could find notes with the content (or tag) "acentuação" only by typing "acentuacao". That's Portuguese, but a lot other languages (like Spanish, French...) have these.
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