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(Archived) Feature request: "search within paragraph"

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I just discovered the 'power user' feature to search within title -- that's a great help in reducing irrelevant search results in large databases.

I'd like to request a "search within paragraph" feature. This would advance Evernote's quest for world information management domination by allowing Evernote to act as a more structured database.

Use case 1: Searching meeting notes

I want to find meetings that Bill attended; I don't want to return results where we talked about Bill, or where we talked about billing a client, etc. I structure my all meeting notes so that they contain a paragraph that lists attendees, like this:

Participants: Bill, Jane, Chun Li

Using the "search within paragraph" function, I create a query to find all notes where "Participants:" and "Bill" are in the same paragraph. Voila! A perfect set of search results.

Use case 2: Searching journal entries

I want to find journal entries that I wrote when I was in Hawaii (and not ones that mention Hawaii as a place I'd like to go). I "search within paragraph" for "#WrittenIn" and "Hawaii" and find just the notes I'm looking for.

You can see where this is going: the "FieldName:" or #FieldName text labels a (freeform) database field, and the "search within paragraph" feature allows me to find records (notes) that have specific text in that specific field. I think it'd be a lovely addition to EN's functionality (if it doesn't exist already?)

Thanks, Doug

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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