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  1. The new Clipper interacts with Toodledo in such a way that it throws up this warning. It doesn't impinge functionality, but it's a hassle. Disabling the extension in Chrome makes the warning go away.
  2. I want to reiterate ahilborne's frustration with the tag interface on the web clipper. jbignert, I'm using the extension on Chrome, on the Mac. It's really very, very helpful to be able to enter keywords without having to use the mouse. I find I'm able to do this with the clipper, but it's cumbersome. Here's my process: A title<TAB>initial string for a tag<Evernote suggests two tags><ARROW DOWN TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE> <RETURN><Continue...> The arrow down is awkward, but it's not a deal-killer. The real problem is that when there's only one tag suggestion (for example, if I type enough so that Evernote is suggesting only one tag), I'm not able to just hit return to choose it.If I do, I get the incompletely-typed word as a new tag, as ahilborne describes. So I *still* have to use the arrow, and that's really annoying. So how do you give people the ability to add a new tag that's a shorter version of a longer tag that's in the database? For example, "food" instead of "foodsafety"? Maybe a shift-return to do that. Or, make the default <RETURN> the key to add a new, shorter tag, and allow a shift-return to enter the longer tag that's being suggested. Or <TAB> to accept the full suggestion. Both <SHIFT-RETURN> and <TAB> are much easier to type than the down arrow. Thanks for listening.
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