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Printing out in Presentation Mode

Kee Hoong

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I am interested in getting the Evernote premium as I find the presentation mode highly useful in my daily work. However, I need to know if I'm able to print out the notes in the presentation mode (i.e. the print-outs must follow the format of the presentation mode).


Any advice on the matter will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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You'll know that you can open attached files and follow links while in presentation mode,  but AFAIK you can't use any other functions of Evernote - including Print. 


I'd suggest you select your presentation notes and create a Table of Contents note,  then print out it and the individual notes as a kind of slide pack.  The TOC note will remind you which pages were included,  in case you need to reprint,  or get queries.


If you have the facility,  you could print the notes to PDF to allow easier distribution and to link them together in the correct order.

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Looks like this is still a feature request. Please add print capability for presentation mode for Mac & Win desktop. Love preso mode but unfortunately still live in a world that needs printed presentations sometimes. Thanks!!

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