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Synch broken because of software update



Updating my evernote software broke my synching. It appears that it decided that the software update meant that it needed to re-synch ALL my files and that has exhausted my data limit. I don't recall this being the case with previous updates. Now there are files I uploaded in July that it says it can't synch because my data cap is completely exhausted.


It makes me worry about how secure my data is if it can forget stuff from months ago. I'm trying to go all digital.


It's also frustrating as today was the first day in weeks I was going to have a dedicated amount of time to scan and upload. 


I haven't been able to find a help file dealing with update and synching issues at the same time. 


Thanks for any help.

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Need more info to help you:

  1. What is your desktop platform, and what OS ver?
  2. What version of Evernote are you now running?
  3. What version of Evernote did you update from?
  4. Any other recent changes to your computer, like OS updates?
  5. Have you verified all Notes are sync'd properly to the Evernote Cloud Service using the EN Web App at Evernote.com?
    1. You should see the Notes that you uploaded in July

  6. Do you have a Free, Premium, or Business Evernote account?
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Thanks for your questions.

  1. What is your desktop platform, and what OS ver?

Desktop platform. Mac 10.9.5

  1.       2.  What version of Evernote are you now running?


  1.      3. What version of Evernote did you update from?

An excellent question, sadly I don't know, nor do I know how to access that info.

  1.      4. Any other recent changes to your computer, like OS updates?

Nothing on the computer, I moved to the Iphone 6 from the 4, but nothing else. Mavericks will do me fine until they release a few more bug fixes

  1.       5.  Have you verified all Notes are sync'd properly to the Evernote Cloud Service using the EN Web App at Evernote.com?​You should see the Notes that you uploaded in July

Just checked the cloud, can't believe I didn't think to look for it. It looks like they're there. They are all photos associated with a single note. I get no error on the note itself and I've done nothing to modify the photographs

  1.      6. Do you have a Free, Premium, or Business Evernote account?

I have a Free account right now. Interestingly enough at the time of those photos I had a Premium account. Every now and then I'm tempted to go back to premium, but I don't quite use it enough. I thought about just upgrading to premium to fix it and access tech support, but that felt a little icky and blackmailed. I feel less of an incentive to go back to premium if simple upgrades are going to chew through my quota. I guess through possible duplications???

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Liz, since all of your Notes show up in the EN Web client (a very good thing!), probably the simplest, and hopefully the best, is to completely uninstall the Evernote App and all data on your Mac.  IF you don't have any LOCAL Notebooks, this should be straightforward and easy.  IF you do have Local NBs, don't do anything until you backup these NBs.


Here's how to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of Evernote on your Mac:

TBD -- I thought there was an EN KB article on this, but I can't find it.  So, please hang on a bit until I can find the correct procedure.


But basically, the process is to:

  1. Export to ENEX files any Local NBs that you may have
  2. Backup the entire Evernote data folder
  3. Completely uninstall EN Mac App and data
  4. Download the latest EN Mac app from the Evernote.com web site
  5. Install the latest EN Mac App
  6. Allow it to sync (download in this case) all of your Notes from the EN Cloud.
  7. IF you had any Local NBs, import into this new install

I'll get back to you soon on Step #3.  Could be a few hours.


EDIT:  Added link to Step #3

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How will that reset my data cap? Weirdly enough yesterday on the cloud it said I had 0 space left, now it says I have 205.8kb left, but what has been erroneously "uploaded" (I see no duplicates) will continue to be erroneously uploaded.

Or is this because I have underlying instability issues with Evernote and I need to do a clean re-install?

Because wiping out all of evernote on my computer feels pretty drastic and scary & I would only want to do it if the app was messed up.

I realize my data cap resets in 3 days. Would waiting until then and seeing if all the resynching works be ok, I think what remains may be small enough to go up when the recap sets. Or is this an indication that something deeper is wrong and I should burn what is on my computer to the ground and start again?

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Liz, I understand your caution and concern about removing all of the EN Mac data on your computer.

Don't proceed  until you are comfortable.


The purpose of the removal/reinstall is to fix the problem of your current EN Mac trying to upload Notes already in the EN cloud.  If you have verified using the EN Web client that ALL of your Notes are properly stored in the EN cloud then you can be very confident that a removal/reinstall of EN Mac will result in ALL of your Sync'd Notes being downloaded to your Mac.  Of course, as I noted above, IF you have an Local NBs, you will need to export them to ENEX files first.


This process will NOT change the current upload usage that Evernote has recorded for you.  The only way to reset that is through Evernote Support.


Perhaps you would be more comfortable working with EN Support.

You can  Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug, crash, or data lost", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.


But be aware that sometimes even the EN Support reps make mistakes.  I was involved in a case recently where the EN Rep instructed the user to delete all of his Notes using the EN Web client.  This was a big mistake.  So, if you do contact Support and they provide you with instructions, you might want to post those instructions here for us to review with you.

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Thanks for being so helpful. I tried to figure out a way to report it, but on the surface of things could only see stuff for premium users. Fingers crossed this bug report will work... of course now I properly read your sig block. It is so easy to be signature block blind!



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