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(Archived) Faint hope: feature suggestion

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When table functionality is inevitably addressed, here's a feature I'd love to see: independently-manipulable cell stacks. I mean stack-like behavior where an element of the matrix can be dragged about (at least vertically), or even deleted, with other cells flowing/collapsing around it. MS One-Note has the property in respect of rows only, and thus effectively has the cell-specific property in 1-column tables only. Illustrative example:

Scenario: complex to-do list, best viewed as a multi-column table where each column is a category. Let's say user is James Bond, somehow "pick up drycleaning" and "assasinate agent-X" must both get done today yet belong in separate columns. At days end cross off items "done". (Checkboxes would do - but these won't export from EN at present, and exporting is presently essential to make it all happen). Here's how I do it:

Build ToDo table in MSWord.

Copy/paste to email, send to EN (preserves formatting, where copy/paste fails).

Edit/delete/strike-out in EN during day.

Export days-end to MSWord by copy/paste (formatting survivies in retro direction).

Now for the cleanup to generate tomorrow's to-do list:

Select in MSWord column 1, copy

Paste into MS1Note 1x1 column

Select column 2, copy

Paste into adjacent MS1Note 1x1 column (etc. etc. for 10 columns).

Manipulate cells in 1N7 (delete "dones", rearrange vertical order for priority, enter new items)

Select column 1

Paste back into MSWord's column 1

Repeat for remaining 9 columns...

Email the new matrix to EN.

Sync and adjust the "created" property to a uniform start-day time to facilitate clear "today" view.

Repeat daily.

A beautiful thing once it's memorized, but ridiculously complicated. The masses would have this tool at their fingertips if EN tolerated templates & were blessed with the magical MS1N7 table-stack property.


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