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Can't Sync


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I hope I'm in the correct section. If not, accept my apologies. 

I'm have installed Evernote on my Windows laptop and my Android tablet.  But, whatever I try, I have not been able to get them to Syncronise my notes.

I may misunderstand what Syncing can do. I want to clip notes to either machine and be able to access them from the other machine. Am I right?

I'm a computer-idiot but it seemed EN would solve some the organisation problems I had.

I've set up the same account on each device. I've tried everything in the EN documentation and on the web to no avail. Please, please, please can you help? 

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I am seeing a lot of sync issues being reported recently.

If you are running WinXP, then this could be caused by a recent change Evernote made to not accept SSL 3.0 due to security reasons.  See  How To Fix Connection Problem Due to SSL 3.0.  For more info, see:  Evernote and POODLE (EN Blog)


If you're not running WinXP or that doesn't fix your sync issue, then see Troubleshooting Sync Issues.


Keep in mind that Evernote does NOT sync directly between devices.  All devices sync with the Evernote Cloud.

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