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Nested tags disappear / get deleted

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I just started nested tags few days ago, as part of The Secret Weapon - GTD.  At least twice (for several tags) some of the nested tags have been deleted – not by me. 


I don´t know I did in the first instance, but just now I added a note from Andorid app.  As the nested tags do not show up in Android App, I manually added the tag there.


As soon as the note was synced to my desktop application Win 7 – Evernote ver. (272632), the nested tag had been deleted. 


The new note was the only one with that particular tag, and the tag was no longer nested.


I can add that the tags that have been deleted all, so far, seem to have had non-English characters in them. 


Any ideas?

Do nested tags not work well ?

Are nested tags not supposed to show up in Android?




Helgi Bjarnason

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Nested tags work fine for me while working between Android and Windows. 


I'm not quite sure what you mean by some of the things you say above, for instance what do you mean by manually tag in Android. Also, when I go to tag view in Android, my tags are shown as nested. 


However if you tagged a note, synced and had the tag disappear after the sync then I would submit a support request as that is not typical behavior. 

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