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(Archived) Can't open notes on HTC Hero & Evernote 1.1B1


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So, I've uploaded a new note from my HTC HERO (recent stock rom as of today). I can search for the note, both from tag and text within pictire. I can view it under recent notes WITH thumbnail. I have checked that I can access it from web and from my laptop. But I CAN'T open the note on my mobile. It just keeps loading and not schowing the note/picture.

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Hi Sebastian,

I too was having this same problem on my Sprint HTC Hero, except that I was getting an 'HTTP 403' error when accessing my notes. I tried clearing Evernote's cache, but that didn't help so I then uninstalled and reinstalled the program. This worked and I am now once again able to read notes on my Hero.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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