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  1. FYI: I've started using other apps on my Android phone because Evernote is too slow to search for notes or download notes. I use "ColorNote" for simple post-it like function for shoppinglists and small "must" remembers and I use Remember The Milk for tasks and also to remember other stuff because it stores locally and then syncs. Ie. if I want to remember a webpage, I write it down in RTM instead of opening Evernote. I WISH I could use Evernote for this instead....but not until there is an offline solution...
  2. Same here in Norway with Telenor (shouldn't matter which network you use)! Same with Legend over wifi. EDIT: Using my HTC Hero over wifi, I find Evernote in the Market!
  3. Hi, I take pictures of wines I like, but to get the entire lable, I take it in portrait mode. This is uploaded in landscape mode and I have to manually turn this within Evernote for Windows. I also do this for coffe etc.
  4. I have tried clearing cache and uninstalling the app then reinstalling it. Still just a white screen and Evernote trying to load the note.
  5. Device : HTC Hero GSM ROM: 2.73.405.5 (Most recent as of today) Android : 1.5 Evernote : 1.1B2 (55505) I'm having problems with viewing the full note,both on WIFI and 3G/2G. Evernote starts normally, I can upload picture notes/text notes, no problem there. I can even view "Recent Notes". The new notes are there, as are the old ones. I even get the thumbnail view of the notes and I can tell that they are correct. But when I try to open a note, no matter which one, I can't open it. I can see that the note's description is correct and the "loading" icon is "circulating". But the background is completely white. No matter how many minutes I let it load. Search function within Android is also working and the auto tekst function within pictures. What's up?
  6. I'm jumping in on this one! Some form of local storage is the "killer function" for Evernote. I just paid for the "Remember The Milk" (RTM) app on my HTC Hero and this should be the way to go for Evernote as well. I'm finding I'm using RTM to remember small things, instead of Evernote because of local storage. But it's "lacking" in that it can't handle large amounts of tekst (its a function, not a flaw). The thing is, I should be using Evernote to do this.... http://www.rememberthemilk.com/ Sebastian
  7. So, I've uploaded a new note from my HTC HERO (recent stock rom as of today). I can search for the note, both from tag and text within pictire. I can view it under recent notes WITH thumbnail. I have checked that I can access it from web and from my laptop. But I CAN'T open the note on my mobile. It just keeps loading and not schowing the note/picture.
  8. Handset maket HTC has sold more than 1 million of its Android-powered Magic handsets worldwide since its launch in late April, said CEO Peter Chou at an assembly recently, Chinese daily DigiTimes reported. Nuff said
  9. QA done, why didn't you say so. What we need, is information! It "calms" the mind and prepares one for the wait
  10. I'm just throwing it out there.....but even if Google doesn't "control" Android in such an extent as Appple/iPhone, they have developed the software and there will be people not liking an external part such as Google seemingly being "in their phones". There is such thing as pride as well. Another thing is Google is in perfect position to integrate their own functions (such as email and calender) into Android users. In that way, they are copying Apple's phone/web "integration" , but sidestepping the arcane and ridiculous controls implemented by Apple. I've waited for Android as well, but am saddened by the fact that Evernote/Facebook/Tom Tom won't work on it (YET)
  11. I assume you only care about the US in this respect? Because many countries have only gotten the first wave of Android phones this summer. In Norway, there are currently 4 Android phones for sale (three if you remove the G1 which is not "officially" for sale) The way I see this issue on a larger scale, is that there is some fear in the mobile phone industry that Android (ie. Google) will get too much market muscle amongst the non-iphone user segment. They might be afraid of another Apple, controlling too much of what they do. In that extent, Google has a problem with the amount of market power they already have. As I have understood, they are being looked at for "mis-use" of said powe. It might even be that Samsung, LG, Motorola and the likes are using the "threat" of releasing Android based phones in a way to get a) better agreement with Microsoft or get Microsoft to increase the speed of Win Mobile development (they are so slow and so far behind at the moment). In this, Evernote is just a very small piece of the puzzle.
  12. I just ordered the HTC Hero and ditched the WiMo HTC Diamond..... sFrom what I gather, there is clearly some shenanigans between Palm and Evernote, a business deal or silent agreement. Secondly, Evernote has a thorn in it's side because of Google. Either a) Google is working on a competing service, Google is demanding something from Evernote or c) "They" (whoever they are) are afraid of Google getting too much market on mobile phones and thus dragging their feet in everything Android. I've not been an avid Evernote user, mainly because I was dissatisfied with the HTC Diamond. The Android platform has FINALLY (or secondly, after Apple) taken the user into consideration when making a phone. The Android seemed a perfect reason to finally start using Evernote to it's full extent. The behavior in the responses from the company in this matter, is unprofessional and a little bit daft. It typical company BS where they can't be clear on anything, in risk of being told off for doing so. It's a shame the users have to force a company to make something against their will, because it creates an extremely low barrier for changing to a competing product/brand/service. Even 1- year graduates at marketing school knows this..
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