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add an option to turn on/off Search As You Type



I saw this request by JMichael I thought I'd bring to the forefront as I think it is a really good idea:

Evernote Team:  Please add an option/preference for BOTH EN Win and EN Mac to turn on/off search-as-you-type.
This really slows us down when you have lots of Notes.


like to +1 this request - it's really important on older hardware - a 2007 MacBook with 10k+ notes is not a happy camper every time i search.


where it gets really frustrating is it can so get in the way that sometimes all you mean to do is backspace and it ends up deleting notes and later, when you look in the Trash, you have no idea whether you deleted the note, it was deleted because it was converted, merged or if it was accidentally deleted because Seach As You Type got in the way.


and in case you're wondering why i'm using such an ancient notebook - the demo i saw at Google I/O 2014 where they showed the Evernote Android app will soon work on a Chromebook - I see what's possible and holding out as long as I can - the Evernote fat client & Chrome are the only apps I really use these days!!


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