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Reminders in Evernote Web Beta



Hello, I am a fairly new Evernote user. One of the primary features I use in Evernote is Reminders. For my productivity system I use Evernote linked with Remember the Milk and Google Apps.


When I create a reminder in Evernote it creates a task that I can manipulate in Remember the Milk. There is also a link to the Evernote note in the Remember the Milk Task. Amazingly Productive.


However, I am a Ubuntu user, so I primarily access Evernote through Evernote Web Beta, Everpad for Linux, and the Evernote Phone App... In that order.


Everpad does not have the ability to set reminders, and now neither does Evernote Web Beta!!! This means that when I create a note in Everpad or Evernote Web Beta, I need to then go to my phone to create a reminder. Not Amazingly Productive!!!


Am I missing something? Any thoughts? Will this soon be available in the new web app?


Thank you in advance for your time.

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They didn't implement Reminders for the first beta. They also didn't really mention that it wasn't there, causing unnecessary confusion.


I believe the developers have stated it will show up in a future release.




Thank you for answering my question. After creating the post, I decided that my productivity is more important than my desire to be on the cutting edge; so I reverted back to the non-beta Web App.


Thank you again for your response, and have a wonderful day,



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