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Lost Note

George Hodgetts

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I was making quite detailed medical notes (nothing confidential) on the new web beta. I then clicked 'done' and exited the note (presuming that saved it), and it appears as if the note doesn't exist in any of my notebooks or trash and is not findable using the search bar.


Is there any way to retrieve the note?

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Same thing to me. I spent over an hour compiling that note and I just want to cry right now.

Same, also using Web beta. I clicked "done" after careful drafting for over two hours, and the note is gone gone gone. No trace. Has anyone found a way to retrieve their lost note?

Honestly people...

Beta is just that...if you elect to use beta software for important things, then you better get used to being upset with your software.

If you are premium, you can use chat for support. IDK chat hours, but they are probably on the support screen. IDK if they will be able to help you. Suggestion: if it's important, don't use a beta software & sync/backup often.

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