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Difficulty with OCR business cards

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Mac OSX10.9.5, iPhone6 Plus, Evernote Desktop 5.5.1 Japanese locale


I have been trying to make business cards scan to work for years.  Since you can't edit in Evernote desktop when used Hello, I abandoned it a long time ago.


Evernote Business Card scan on iOS works only when the card design is simple and when it is in English.  It doesn't work well when Japanese.

  • I rather capture the biz cards on the spot and correct all the problems in Evernote desktop Mac version.  However, Evernote desktop won't let you add missing items such as fax, 2nd email address, etc., or is there a way?
  • When the target biz card has information on both sides, what do you do?
  • Evernote iOS biz card scan formats phone number automatically, which doesn't work with Japanese phone number.  How do I kill auto formatting?  Even EDIT won't let you change the format.
  • Evernote iOS biz card scan formats address automatically, which doesn't work with Japanese address.  Evernote is being too smart.  Even the target card prints correct address format, Evernote automatically reorder them in US format.  Pretty useless.  Apple Contact.app let you choose address format by country.  Does Evernote has such option?
  • The scanned card image is not OCRed in Evernote desktop biz card doc so you can't drag-highlight-copy a string for pasting in order to correct the error, or is there any way?

I have previously scanned biz card images in Evernote.  Is there any way to convert them into the biz card doc type?


Appreciate any response.


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