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How do I stop my total evernote program from sharing with someone



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That is odd. Keep in mind, there are two ways to share notes:

1) share an individual note.

2) Share the contents of a notebook. 


If the situation is (1), then you should notice that when you click on a note, the little share arrow should be blue. 

To bulk un-share these shared notes, enter the search query:


to display all shared notes. Then select all of the resultant notes, right-click, and select "stop sharing". Make sure you do in fact want to un-share all of these notes. 


You'll also want to determine why these notes had been shared. Did you intentionally share these notes? Are you using a third-party application/service that might be doing something to share these notes automatically? You'll want to make sure you put a stop to whatever might be automatically sharing these notes. You can see what third-parties you have granted access to by logging into your account at http://www.evernote.com and in "account settings", and select "applications" from the left sidebar. The second table in that section shows all the third parties. Good idea to revoke access to any third party services or applications you no longer use. 



If the situation is (2), then you should see a little header above the note content that says "you are viewing a note that is shared with X person(s)". 

To solve this situation, either in the sidebar (if it lists your notebooks) or in the notebook screen (cmd-opt-2), look for any notebook that has a sharing indicator on it (a little trio of heads and the name of the owner). For each of these notebooks, right click, select "modify sharing", and remove any person that you have invited to that notebook by clicking the X at the end of their name. 


Does that help a bit?

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I don't see the modify sharing button come up... just things like edit, delete


can't see the modify sharing button... all that I get is the following

open note in another
add shortcut 
copy note link
what am I missing?|
thanks for your help... this is very frustrating
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Ok a point of clarification:

"Modify Sharing" is for NOTEBOOKS, not notes. Right clicking on a NOTEBOOK should display the "modify sharing" option if that notebook is already shared.

For any given NOTE, select the note. In the note edit window at the top right there should be a series of icons (a projector screen, a trash bucket, a stylized "a", and a curvy arrow). Locate these buttons and look at the curvy arrow. Is it blue? If so, that note is being shared. Click the arrow and select "stop sharing".

You can perform this task in bulk following the directions in my initial post (sharedate:*)

When you search for sharedate:* do you see any results?

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Glad you found a solution you are comfortable with. I'm not sure I'd personally be totally comfortable assuming that  the item coming up with that search aren't still shared, so you might want to continue to investigate a little bit more as time permits. Good luck!

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