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Help!: Trouble Emailing Notes

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I've by end using Evernote with no problems for a few months now, but just last night, I found that I can't email several of my most recent notes (taken within the last 4 days). When I pull down the options for each note, all options are available EXCEPT 'email a copy', 'share,' and 'copy note link.' This is a problem because I work in Evernote during the day, email, and then work from Word at night.

The notes in question also have a blue circular/arc-shaped arrow at their top right (when displayed in thew list of all notes).

I am connected to the Internet, and I have only used a small fraction of my monthly upload/data allowance in my Evernote account.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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I am using the Android version


Finally, it lifted, but it took about two days, which is strange. I'm not sure how it resolved itself either. If you have any ideas, I would appreciate them, but no worries if it's a hassle.


Thanks for your help!



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