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Pop-up Identification


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I use the Evernote app both on my android phone and on my computer, and normally I'm pretty much in love with the app.. :wub:


But recently, when using it on my computer, the cursor will be followed by a little pop-up window that identifies the field as "message pane" Yes, I know that's the message pane. I'm actually typing a document in that message pane, and I don't need this pop-up getting in the way to remind me of this.


In experimenting to see if I can make it happen and get a screen shot, I found it's only happening in one note (one that just happens to be rather personal and I don't really want to share it here, even as an image). This particular note was started on my phone, where most of my other notes were started on the computer, if that makes any difference.

Is that pop-up a feature of the most recent update? Is there a way to disable this message pain  :angry:  and prevent it from being in the way? May I suggest to the developers and writers to NOT do that again? Thanks!!!

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