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Unable to reset password due to wrong email

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Hi everyone,'


Big and urgent help needed!


I have been logged into my Evernote on my mac for months so never needed the password and forgot about it. Today I logged out and tried to sign back in but couldnt remember the password. I tried to reset it and then realized that the email id attached to my account has somehow gotten wrongly updated as myname@GMAI.com (probably from my phone) with the L of gmaiL missing because of which I am not receiving the password reset email. Can someone please help?


I logged in from another evernote account to post this.


Appreciate any help!



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If you have any really important and/or irreplaceable Notes on your iPhone, you might want to back them up by emailing them to yourself.


I just noticed in EN iOS 8.0 (iPhone), under sharing, there is an option to "Export".  Looks like this sends an email with a note.enex file attached.  This might be an option as well.

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To Export a Note in EN iOS 8.0 (iphone)

  1. Open the Note for viewing, as normal
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the ". . ." button
  3. Tap "Share"
  4. Tap "Export note"
  5. Enter To: email address (probably yours)
  6. Note that the subject has been prefilled with the Title of the Note
  7. Tap Send
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