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Hiding Folders

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I have a folder called Meetings with subfolders for individual meetings. After the meeting is done, I don't want to erase the content but I also don't want the folder listed in Meetings (or be visible as it makes it harder to find what I am looking for with so many folders when I open Evernote). Any suggestions?

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There are no folders in Evernote. There are Notebooks, which contain notes, and Stacks, which contain notebooks.


Do you mean that you have a stack called Meetings, with notebooks for individual meeting? Probably not recommended, as there is a limit of 250 notebooks in an Evernote account.


Or a notebook called Meetings, with notes for individual meetings?


In the first case, you can make a new stack, and move the meeting notebook into it, so that it won't be listed under the Meetings stack.


In the second case, you can make a separate notebook for old meeting notes (call it, say, "Old Meetings"?), and then you can move old meeting notes to that notebook.

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