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Losing work


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Hi! I had previously tried evernote for a little while, but I'm only now starting to use it more so I'm still figuring it out. Today I was working on a note when my internet connection went down, I didn't notice it and kept on writing for at least an hour.  At some point, I needed to check something and realized there was no connection, went online and checked stuff for a while. Upon returning to my work (never closed the program or the note) I saw a big chunk of it was missing, it seems as though evernote synched what I had before I was disconnected over my newer work. I tried clicking "undo" but nothing happens. It seems really odd to me that the program would do that to an open note without any kind of prompt. Is there anyway to get my work back? Any steps I can take to prevent this from happening again? Thank you


Edit: I found it under "Conflicting changes" ! , 

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Hmmn.  You should be able to work on a desktop version of Evernote with or without an internet connection - as long as you're logged into the app,  which clearly you were.  Changes to notes are saved to the hard drive,  and should be synced later when a connection exists.  If the connection is spotty,  then sync errors might give rise to "conflicting changes" as you connect and disconnect.  But you should never physically lose text - unless you may have inadvertently selected a block of text and overtyped it with something else...?

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