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Sharing notebooks with parents


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I am new to evernote and have inherited a system run by the previous teacher, who used evernote to make assessments and observations on children in his Early Years class. He helped me create a notebook for each child and I also have my own notebook, which acts as a default. At the moment we are taking photos of the class and filing their pictures and notes in each of their notebooks, using tags for which objectives these meet. So far, so good.


I have upgraded to Premium and would like to know how I can share with parents their child's notebook. I was told by parents who used the system with the previous teacher that they would log on to evernote and they could view their child's notebook.


How can I set this up?

Thanks in advance for any advice.  B)

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If you go to the notebook for the kid - you will see an icon of a arrow coming out of a box - this is the sharing option  - you would enter the email of the parent in this space,  and a comma and then a share button will show up - assuming the parent has created an evernote account they can now join this notebook and see and interact with whats in it - make sure you are clear about whether they can just view the notebook or edit it - both are options

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You could just give the parents the kids login details, or better still get each kid to show their parent/s how it all works and share their log in details.

this creates the possibility that the helicopter parents will take a greater interest that is productive but it opens up the learning to the whole community.


Greta Caruso

Melbourne, Australia

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