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  1. We have got Evernote going as a Learning Management System LMS (of sorts). The steps so far have been Experimentation: using Evernote just to transmit resources and tasks, we trialed the free version with small numbers of students and teachers Small group trial: three faculties (English, Language and Humanities) got Evernote Business and set up all their curriculum materials with their classes Whole School: all teachers got Evernote Business and we had a brief induction period. This went well until the support was removed. Now the struggle is to re-establish the momentum. Our staff have responded and when they could actually see the Evernote desktops of othersgot support when things went wronghad someone in the team to lead them So we need to work out exactly how to get to critical mass, so that it becomes self-sustaining.
  2. Hi, You could just give the parents the kids login details, or better still get each kid to show their parent/s how it all works and share their log in details. this creates the possibility that the helicopter parents will take a greater interest that is productive but it opens up the learning to the whole community. Greta Caruso Melbourne, Australia
  3. Hi JLund, I am at a secondary school in Melbourne Australia, we have dealt with the same issues. We also used your solution. A few other suggestions are Get the students to set up a shared notebook that contains just the notes that are current. Once the teacher has checked and responded the student moves it to a non-share notebook. so the effect is that the shared notebook is the active on and the others are files for reference. Check out Evernote very generous 75% education Evernote offer schools you can also convert notebook links to a QR code than share the code.Good luck Greta Caruso
  4. We are trying to establish Evernote Business as our Learning Management System. We want to use it to create and store all our learning resources and to deliver those resources to our students. The school has about 600 students and our trial period has been very positive. We are trying to foresee any issues and possibilities ahead. Are there any other schools using Evernote in this way?
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