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Disappearing notes



I was running a beta version of Evernote. It said there was an update available, but after trying several times to apply the update it kept failing. So I tried downloading a new version and installing that, and then although I was logged in to my account and had synced, none of my notebooks or notes were showing up.


I checked on the web and the notes are all still there.  Oddly, I discovered that if I edit a note on the web and then sync on the desktop, the note appeared on the desktop.  But I have over 1000 notes in that notebook, so editing each one to make it appear is not really practical.  Anyone have any idea how to get my notes back on my computer?  I did try emailing support, but after 2 weeks I finally got a reply saying that they are unable to personally answer your inquiry, so I'm really hoping someone here has an idea.


(I did also try restoring the files in library > application support from my backup, but that didn't help either.)


Thanks for any help!

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