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Saving notes

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Evernote is a cloud service. Your notes are always automatically synced to Evernote's servers. If you log into http://www.evernote.com you should see all of your Evernote notes there, on Evernote's servers. 


This means that you can reformat your computer, or purchase a new device, and so on, without fear of losing data. When you install Evernote on your new machine, or on your freshly formatted machine, you will enter your Evernote username and Password, and the application will pull all the content down from Evernote's servers (I do this about 10-15 times per year). 


The ONLY exception is if you use local notebooks. If you do not use local notebooks, ignore this. Local notebooks will need to be exported and placed on a USB key. For every local notebook, select all notes in the notebook, and select file>export Notes... and select "ENEX" and select "Include tags". Export them to your USB drive. You'll have to do this for each local notebook. More on exporting notes:



Now, it is always good computing practice to have regular, up to date backups of your computer's hard drive (which would include your Evernote database), so if you have this in place, it is extra protection against possible data loss (Such as if you forget to, or mess up while, exporting your local notebooks, if you have any). If you do not have a backup of your hard drive I urge you to consider setting one up as soon as possible. There are 1001 ways of doing this. The forums here have some good suggestions, as well as the internet in general. 


More on uninstalling evernote (and by extension, reformatting your drive):


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