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Hi there, I just have a question. My Evernote shows that I have reached the 1GB capacity for the month period. My question is, if I delete some of the notes will I have space to keep adding notes, or do I have to wait till the month has finished?






Evernote's limit is an UPLOAD limit, not a STORAGE limit.  So deleting things from their servers will not increase your upload limit.  You will either need to wait for the refresh or (last I knew), you could buy another gig for $5.  However, if you buy another gig, it does not carry over.  IOW, when your refresh date comes around, any of the extra purchased will be gone & you will be back to 1 gig.  (Or 4 gigs, whichever, since it seems the limit has recently been increased but not necessarily rolled out to all users yet.)

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