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Text missing after sync


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I seem to have had quite a few problems recently using Evernote at work (such as constant 'Conflicting Changes' and text lag) but the one that has kept persisting is the seemingly random formating changes and deletion of some of my written text after a sync. I use the Evernote Desktop app on a Windows 7 computer. I have searched online and on the forums and found a couple of threads that are vaguely related:






I have followed the advice on these threads and still the problem persists. Is there anything that can be done about it or is it a bug in the program?


Thanks in advance for any help



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Hi - one of those threads is Win 8 and the other is iOS so I'm not sure how much the advice would relate to your Win 7 client.  When you say some of your text is deleted after sync,  do you use any other means of creating notes?  The web or mobile versions as well as your desktop?  Or do you solely work on a single PC.  And when you open and edit a note on the desktop version,  then exit the note and sync,  you're saying that some of the text disappears?

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Yeah, I think that was the case but in the absence of any threads more specific to my problem I figured it was worth a try.


I only use Evernote on my work PC and I only use the desktop app, I never normally use the web version


Yep, that's what happens. It did a similar thing for a while where it was constantly removing and formatting text and creating 'conflicting changes' notes. I also tried using the web version for this problem but it didn't remedy it. Then the conflicting changes seemed to stop and instead it just deletes things outright

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Please raise a support ticket.  You may not get much response other than an acknowledgement,  but it raises a flag that something may need attention here..  AFAIK the only way you might lose data or get conflicts with the desktop app is if you shut it down before a note has synced,  and then make changes in another client.

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