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My first post to the Evernote forum.


I've been an Evernote user for years now, and finally signed up for Premium earlier this year.


One feature I'm starting to use more and more is to email notes to friends or directly into my Trello boards. However, in the Mac OS X client (at least,) when asked by Evernote the email address for the recipient of the note, none of the system's contacts can be 'seen' by Evernote, and I have to open up Contacts.app, find the person I want to email, copy ...yadi yadi yadah.......you get my drift.


Why can't Evernote access the system's contact from within the client (see pic)?


I thought this type of integration would be standard. So unless there's a setting to toggle somewhere I haven't seen, I'm left with having to copy and paste, which gets old quite rapidly.


Hope someone out there can point out to me the thing I'm doing wrong.




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When I click the "address book" button, I see all of my contacts. 

Perhaps check your OS Privacy settings

System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Privacy>Contacts


and make sure Evernote has a checkmark next to it, indicating it has permission to access your contacts. 

D'oh !  :blush:


Obviously, this worked.

I'll try to do a bit more challenging for my second post.

Thank you very much, ScottLougheed

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