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REQUEST: Keyboard shortcuts - working the inbox


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The way I work, and I guess many do, is that I send a lot of stuff in to the Evernote Inbox and then I tag them and put them in correct Notebooks etc.

Now, as many productive people can tell, using the mouse for anything is not good, The mouse / touchpad is always slower and less ergonomic way to work. Even with the Macs amazing touchpad, it's never as good / fast as Keyboard shortcuts. Now, I believe that Evernote should be all about productivity.


The problems are these (have been waiting for an "fix" for a long time):

When I select multiple notes (shift+arrows down) the shortcuts for tagging and for selecting a notebook does not work. Why is that? That like insane logic that you must now grab the mouse to do this.


After I have sent (and tagged) a group of notes to another notebook the first note in the Note view is selected but the arrow keys have now stop working so I can't move from one note to the next without grabbing the mouse. One way is to select a new view (lets say Notebooks) and then come back to the Notes view. This I can do with keyboard -shortcuts, but thats just very very bulky. 


This may sound like a small thing, but when you make same useless click with your mouse to focus on a note hundreds of times you start to wonder does not anybody else think this easy fix (I guess?) and logic should have been done a long time ago.

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