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I can sort my notes by Title, created, updated, notebook, tags, etc...


Is there a way to sort my Evernote notes by "Reminder Date".  I set reminders to get tasks accomplished on certain days, but sometimes I don't get around to all of them.  It would be nice if I could sort, in chronological order by "Reminder Date" so that I could catch up on any notes that I miss.  Any solutions or work-arounds would be greatly appreciated! 

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You didn't tell us the Evernote client that you'r using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) so it's hard to be specific here.


On the Android client: there's a reminders sub-list at the top of your note list. It can be sorted by date


On the Windows client: with Snippet and Card view, there is a reminders sub-list at the top of your note list. It can be sorted by date. List view has no reminders sublist, and ReminderDate is not available in the List view column set. Some people use Created date for their due date, and you can sort by that, but that, of course, doesn't access the Evernote reminders functionality.


The web client is similar to the Windows client.


Other platforms, I don't know about...

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