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applescript open collection window with query string not working



The optional "with query string" for open collection window doesn't seem to be working. If run the following I just get a new collection window with whatever the last query was:

tell application "Evernote"open collection window with query string "tag:action"end tell

I can work around it like this, but was wondering if I am missing something in the previous script:

tell application "Evernote"set newWindow to open collection windowset query string of newWindow to "tag:action"end tell
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Hey studbook


I just discovered this problem, too. It is disheartening to see that you posted this over three months ago.


I discovered a very similar bug using the "find notes" command, which also accepts a query string. It doesn't return an error, but it ignores any reference to notebook in string. In other words, the query "notebook: "myNotebook1" tag:myTag1" returns the same results as "tag:myTag1". It really bummed me out!


I was not the first to discover this, so I posted to an existing thread, and an Evernote person told me it's a bug with Evernote 6, and if I want that function to work, I'll have to go back to version 5, which I don't think I can do at this point.


I don't see it here, but did you ever get a response? What is your workaround?

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