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  1. Thanks for responding! I'm cool with looping through tags, but I can't get evernote to return any information about tags. if I say "get tags of selectedNote" (and I know the selected note has tags) it returns null. I tried looping and declaring class and a few other things, but I get error or null. If my code is correct, maybe there's a bug?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to mention this, but I'm having trouble working with tags at all via applescript. I know Evernote just now resolved an issue with "notebook" in queries, and I was really banging my head against a wall with that one. What am I doing wrong? tell application "Evernote" set selectedNote to selection set noteTags to tags of selectedNote return noteTags end tell ---> {} I know the currently selected note has tags. I've tried this so many ways, setting class as list, referring to "name of tag" etc, but I get nothing. Is this a bug?
  3. I have the most recent direct download version, and so far I don't see a change in performance (except for a couple of crashes). I, like most people, also use Dropbox, and theorize that Evernote and Dropbox may not play well together? The Evernote performance is always the worst if there is dropbox activity (why does it take 30min do download a file list?). Does Evernote re-index with every update?
  4. I love the Evernote platform, and I rely on it a great deal. I have a pretty old computer (2007 iMac) so I occasionally blame hardware, but I am a little mystified when I look at activity monitor, and Evernote is at 140% of cpu. I've never seen another process go above 100%, and it doesn't happen in response to anything I have done--It can happen in the background, perhaps on a scheduled sync. I also usually have the performance problems mentioned above, particularly when activating the application, which invariably starts with a 15s beachball. That can be really crazy making. Worse is when I begin to type a title, it beachballs and then moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. I have a lot of notes. I'm sure the heavy indexing that makes the awesome search possible takes a lot of juice. Should I expect performance to suffer as a result of creating a lot of notes (i.e. using Evernote)? Are there steps I can take to improve performance?
  5. 9 months later I am also curious about whether or not the ability to assign a tag to selected notes via applescript is supposed to work, as I can't get it to either. I get an error message.
  6. Hey studbook I just discovered this problem, too. It is disheartening to see that you posted this over three months ago. I discovered a very similar bug using the "find notes" command, which also accepts a query string. It doesn't return an error, but it ignores any reference to notebook in string. In other words, the query "notebook: "myNotebook1" tag:myTag1" returns the same results as "tag:myTag1". It really bummed me out! I was not the first to discover this, so I posted to an existing thread, and an Evernote person told me it's a bug with Evernote 6, and if I want that function to work, I'll have to go back to version 5, which I don't think I can do at this point. I don't see it here, but did you ever get a response? What is your workaround?
  7. I don't remember nested tags ever working like that--as far as I know nesting tags only serves to visually organize the tags without adding any additional functionality. I don't think the search function reads the tag hierarchy.
  8. I have tried to push Evernote on everyone I know for years, and Oh my god this update is a disaster. I made the mistake of trying to edit the spelling of a tag, and the program is stuck in a loop that I can't get out of even if I quit. None of the "improvements" serve me in the least. The features that I used to make it work have been eliminated.
  9. Is this the place to report bugs? If so, going to "tags" view causes beach-balling. It's death to the workflow.
  10. Is there really no "back button"?? If so, this is going to force me to totally reorganize my notes so I can use my organizational system with links. Please tell me there is a way to activate this feature. I am DEEPLY committed to Evernote, and changing or eliminating the functional aspects of the interface is very frustrating. Note links are much less useful if they only go forward. I understand the desire for simplicity and clean design, but 2 forward and back triangles that make it act like a browser was a feature for me.
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