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Conflicting changes without the folder


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Hi there,

I have been using EN on my iPad and Android phone for ages never really using it on my laptop. Well today I decided to use it on my laptop, downloaded the latest version of EN windows, synced... And it would only sync 32 out of 73 notes.

In the activity section it said 2 notes had conflicting changes but there was no conflicting changes folder.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app - no change.

There are no conflicting changes messages on any other apps and they are running smoothly (including on the web).

What's up with that and how do I fix it?

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Hi - I suggest you check via a browser and Evernote.com to see what notes you have there - and find/ fix any conflicting changes notes you may find there or on your other two devices and empty any Trash folders.  The two conflicted notes you were warned about could be a problem - sounds like they should have been downloaded to a separate folder.  If you can find them on the device you last used to edit them,  try emailing the notes to your own Evernote email address to create a more recent change.  The conflict might have stopped the sync - only way to find out is to retry...

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