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few ideas i have

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Hi! i have commented a few of my ideas for Evernote through Facebook and Google+ but I don't know if anyone ever heard them. But anyways, one thing we could use is the ability to import a table we make in excel and do basic editing while in Evernote. Because the tables feature in Evernote is a little flawed.

Also another thing we need! An Evernote calendar! whether its its own separate app or another feature in the app, it would be AWESOME. it could even have a week view that is customize-able to the person's needs. my high-school has an 8 period schedule where you get 4 periods one day and then the other 4 the next, whereas most high-schools have a six period schedule, so all the planner apps out there are mainly either for business or for the six period schedule. it would be great to have one that accommodated all the different types schedules that people have. 

And also, I am a windows user, and I'm sure there a majority of others that are as well. The Evernote touch app could be much, much better. maybe get the handwriting feature on that one to? I know the desktop version has the writing feature on it but handwriting on the android version of evernote is so much better.


so these are some of the ideas i have, it would be amazing and a great honor if 1 or two of them got used one day. thanks!

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Hi - thanks for the suggestions;  this is a user forum,  so the only response you'll get is from us fellow users/ enthusiasts,  but Evernote Developers do read the posts for ideas,  so consider your points made.  Evernote seem to have a zero comment,  zero promise policy,  so you'll never know what's in development until you open the latest update - but sooner or later,  you never know...

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