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Blinking PDF Note

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I'm running Evernote 5.6.4.  I sometimes use the Evernote Web Clipper to capture PDF's online.  In some cases, when I view the PDF attachment within the Note Editor, the PDF "blinks" 2-3 x per second, continually.  If I double click to open the note, the PDF does not blink in the new window.  It continues blinking in the Note Editor. The problem has persisted through a couple of version upgrades, since (about) v 5.6.1.


Any suggestions?




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I've seen this as well.  One way to avoid the problem is to view the PDF as an attachment (icon) instead of inline preview. 


Place the cursor on the attachment and RMB will show View as attachment as an option.  Double clicking on the icon will still open the file with your PDF software.  If you like this and want it to be a global change then go to Tools --> Options --> Note --> Always show PDF documents as attachments.


I've also noticed that sometimes resizing the note window will stop the flickering.

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This is still an issue in Evernote 6.1 for Mac in September 2015 – the problem has been lingering for years it would seem!


These solutions work:

1. Resize the window slightly

I don't use full-screen (and I put my dock on the right). For me, the flickering occurred when the Evernote window was sized to fill from left screen edge to dock edge. But making the Evernote window even slightly narrower solved the problem.

2. Work in full screen mode

3. Add text to the note

Actually, you don't even have to add any text, just hit return before the PDF image as if you were going to add some text and that will do the trick. Basically, this problem seems to occur when the PDF is the only object/element in the note (the note title field doesn't count). I hadn't noticed it myself until very recently because the few notes I had with PDFs also included typed commentary.


You can also choose to view the PDF as an icon, opening it in a new window as needed, but that doesn't suit everyone.

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