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REQUEST: Feature Request: add "reminder date" to column header options

Greg Steward

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Through the helpful comments on this forum, I have discovered that there is a way (in Windows client) to view reminders in date order while in the snippet or card view.


But . . . when you click on the icon to switch between snippet, card, or (my favorite) list view, there is a fourth option underneath those three choices: "sort by . . ." 


Could reminder date be added to that?  I understand that not all notes have reminder dates. So sort in this way: those that have dates, those that have only reminder flag, those that have nothing.


Can't do that? OK. I would settle for. even prefer, being allowed to add the reminder fields (if there is more than one) as column header options when in the list view. That is what I would really like.


Any chance?




P.S. I have tried using the search flags related for reminders and don't find them to function as advertised (for the most part).  I have only tried using them while in the list view, but that shouldn't make a difference, right?

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You can view the reminders in date order in the snippet view. Go to the top of the notes list and you should see a drop down for reminders. There are sort options there. 

The search operators for reminders don't work for me as documented either. There are some posts on the forum that help with workarounds.  For example:

      -reminderdonetime:20130101 remindertime:20130101 -remindertime:20140904

returns all open reminders with dates of 9/3 or less.  Cumbersome, but it works.

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Thanks, Cal, and sorry for the belated response.  Just coming out of a very busy period.


I used to only work in the list view and so was unfamiliar with the reminders feature that is available. I am finding that helpful.  However, it doesn't seem like it would take any programming wizardry to add reminder date to the list of options for column displays when in the list view.  But, I can get by with this.


It would *really* be helpful if they could get the reminder filters to work correctly.


Thanks again.



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You're welcome. and I as well spend more time in snippet view now.  I agree 100% it would be great to have the search terms work as defined.  


In the meantime I started using PhaseExpress (a free text expander) so I have a hot key for the above search less the mmdd on the end.  This way I am only an <F5><Ctrl-Win-r>mmdd away from my reminders due today and prior.  Maybe not that many more key strokes than if the search terms worked.  FWIW.

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