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Scanning sends to the open folder instead of one in settings

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Under Tools->Import Folders, I have a temp directory set up.  That directory is set to send all scans to the .INBOX folder.  The problem is that if I have Evernote open and have a different folder open.  When I scan a document to that temp folder, Evernote picks it up and puts it in the open folder, NOT the .INBOX.  Is this something I can stop?


If it helps, I use an AmbirScan and have a function set to save the scans to the Evernote temp directory.  Everything works great unless I have a folder open other than INBOX.  Sometimes I switch before I realized what happened and can't find where the scans went!

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? Make sure you have Evernote closed before you start scanning ?  I haven't noticed any similar problems with Evernote;  whatever notebook you decide should get the scans seems (AFAIK) to receive them whether or not Evernote is open when you scan.

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