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REQUEST: Feature request, checkbox related



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Even i have requested such a feature. but they didnt reply to it yet.

when creating a new note there should be option of to do note there only ( and not going in the note and selecting check box) . there we can create to do list. and as one item is completed we can just stikethrough it and that item will go down the list. also archive after whole checklist is completed to prevent overcrowding of notebook.

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It's been suggested and discussed on multiple threads, but so far EN hasn't implemented such a feature enhancement. As they do not share their roadmap, there is no way to know when, or if, they will. Sorry.

Greetings, I use EN to make "to do" lists frequently. It would be nice to have items automatically move to the bottom of the list once they are "checked off" as complete. I don't know if this would benefit others as much as it would myself?


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