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(Archived) FEATURE - REAL Collaborative Notebooks

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I have beeen using EN for a few days only and already i do not want to miss it, it is brilliant!

I would love to use it for work as well (and would immediately go Premium).

As we are three people working loosely togther, separated by hundres of miles it would be great if we could share specific notebooks amongst each other, not only using the web interface but having the notebooks right with us wherever we go just like our own "normal" notebooks.

They should sync to iphones and blackberries and appear on all our devices.

As we all do other things as well we would need to be able to select wich notebooks we want to share with whom, keeping some private and sharing some between only a subset of people, so just using one account for all of us is not the solution.

It would be OK if all users of such a feature had to be premium or gold or whatever users, EN is such a fantastic tool, that such a collaboration feature would make it absolutely indispensable!

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