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Back from Premium - Screenshot doesn't work



Hi there ,


I had the offer here in Germany to get a one year free subscription of Premium. Was nice , but has not convinced me to extend it - still waiting for some other features.


So I passed the renewal point and thought everything is ok. It's not :-(

The problem is , that the Screen shots that I make with the Elephant in the menu, are shown in the preview, but not stored in Evernote. You can press the button "Store in Evernote" as often as you will - nothing happens.


You don't get a warning or whatever- it just doesn't work. When you scroll through the activity log , you can see messages like

  Version: Evernote Mac 5.5.1 (402628)
   Locale: de-DE
       OS: 10.9.4
2014-08-15 22:38:10 main [ENPreferences] WARN: -[ENPreferences addHelperToLoginItems]: Unable to add helper to login items
2014-08-15 22:37:42 main [ENAppController] ERROR: Could not notify helper about account change [NOTE: this exception originated in the server.]


So is the only way for me to re-install the software ?


Has anybody same experience after downgrading from Premium ?




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It might be as simple as uninstalling it from your browser and then re-install -- maybe the change in membership messed up the connection

Hi JohnDM,


it is not the Webclipper - it is the part of the Evernote application that doesn't work. I re-installed the Webclipper already as there was the similar problem. For me it looks more that the authentication no longer works, but there is no "reset" possible. Maybe the only way is to re-install Evernote, but I am afraid that re-instlla will not override the configurations. And on Mac there is no complete de-install available. :(

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