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Evernote jumps to foreground when Doxie imports scans

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I recently purchased a Doxie Go scanner in order to go paperless. I LOVE the combination of Doxie and Evernote, with the exception of one huge annoyance -- every time Doxie sends a scan to Evernote, Evernote jumps to the foreground, taking control of my Mac. Since I tend to scan many documents at a time to the Doxie app which sends them to Evernote one at a time, this grows incredibly annoying. Every 5 - 10 seconds, Evernote jumps to the foreground and interrupts my workflow. 


I imagine I can't be the only one with this issue -- any suggestions on how to resolve it? 


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Doxie might be the people to ask here - do you have any settings or management applications for the scanner?  When Evernote jumps to the foreground does it require any input from you?

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