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Page Order of Scanned Evernote Documents



Hi All ~


How do I arrange/drag and drop/scoot scanned documents into their proper page order? I've scanned four pages of one bank statement but page 1 shows up after page 4; page 2 comes after page 3. Help! (And thanks!)


~ Laura

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That's a bit odd. Are the pages duplex and printed out of order (i.e. 6 page doc where page one has page 6 on the back, 2 with 5, 3 with 4?)

In either case just double click on the PDF icon in the note to open it up in Preview (assuming you haven't changed the default app), click on the drop down menu on the top left and select 'Thumbnails', and with those you can easily drag n drop to change the order, rotate or delete pages as desired. Simply close the window when done and your changes will be reflected in Evernote. Though be aware it will change the name of the PDF attachment to whatever the random temporary file name was (bug?).

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