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(apple) Advice on limiting the number of notes designated in shortcuts

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I use EN quite extensively, but I would like to limit the number of notes that are designated as shortcuts in the top left hand area of the app.


I have about 20 notes listed under the shortcuts category just below the announcements section on the left hand side.  I have not designated these notes as shortcuts.  They have just appeared.  I know how to remove the designation of 'shortcut' off of a note and essentially remove the note from the shortcuts category, but how do I limit the number of notes that are assigned into this category?  I also know how to designate a note as a shortcut, but I want to only have the notes that I have designated as shortcuts to be listed.  So instead of 20 notes I would have 4 or 5.  


Any suggestions?


Thank you. 

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Hi. That sounds odd. Shortcuts (as far as I know) don't appear there unless you put them there. I haven't experienced any behavior like that. You might want to file a support ticket if they are appearing there of their own accord.

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