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I think I set up two evernote accounts on my computer with different email addys. Should I delete one or what?

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Do you have notes in both?  If so,  open Account A and share a notebook with Account B's email address.  Move all your notes into that notebook.  If you have a notebook structure to save (ie more than one notebook in Account A) then tag each note with the parent notebook's name and move them over.  Sync to the server and File > Exit. 


Open Account B.  Check your email and accept the shared notebook invitation.  When you can see all the shared notes,  move them into new notebooks created with Account B.  Sync again.  Don't use Account A again.  (It does have your email address 'registered' to it,  so don't cancel the account yet..)


If you don't have any notes in one account or the other,  just pick one and use it.  There's no charge for having two free accounts instead of one - but make sure you log into the correct one!

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