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Changing hard drives


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I have recently built a new computer.  I have had Evernote on my old Toshiba laptop and it worked well.  I have a unique set of drives in that the original drive I selected for this new computer was a 1TB HDD.  I got the computer set up and downloaded an new copy of Evernote onto that drive.  I have removed the drive from my Toshiba, also a 1 TB drive and have attached it via USB 3.0.  On that drive I have 245 MB of notes collected into various LOCAL notebooks.  However, trying to import those notebooks/notes has proved to be something significantly more complex than with most any programs I am updating.  I have my own personal reasons for not wanting to sync everything I do into the cloud, which is only pseudo safe - a point about which I am not about to argue - waste of time to do so - if the Pentagon can be hacked, Evernote cloud would not be a challenge... What I need to do is just direct Evernote running on my C drive to import those old notebooks from my K drive into the new C drive so they can be accessed. 


Not wanting to be insulting or anything of that nature, but I've upgraded Onenote similarly before without even blinking an eye.  Why Evernote does not provide a transparent means to do this, I cannot under$tand, unle$$ it is an underhanded attempt to force everyone to rent $ync $pace on their cloud... but, I will withhold judgment until I get told this can/cannot be done...


Thank you to any who can help me out of this dilemma...

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