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Wanted Feature: Images are viewed as Thumbnails

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Hi all,


Not sure if this has been bought up, but I believe images should be able to be stored as thumbnails (reduced size and quality) to speed up the time it takes to share notes on slow connection.  


Scenario: I have colleagues in South Africa, who I liaise with regularly, I take photos of work that is was done so that they have a clearer picture.  Unfortunately they do not have the fastest Internet service available, and would always give up half way as it takes a while to download the images.  


Solution:  Images added to Evernote automatically have thumbnails created, which are used instead of the full resolution inline images.  These can either be viewed one by one or as the note taker wanted them to be seen.  It will not only save a lot of time, but bandwidth too for both my colleagues and evernote.


Whats say you all?


Note:  Only added other as a category as All devices is not an option.

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OK that seems a reasonable feature request,  though it might take a while to implement it - I can see it's a good idea for mobile owners,  but what about desktops?  I'd get fairly fed-up of clicking thumbnails all the time to get to my full size pictures.  And layout?  Does the text have to reflow itself around both sizes of picture,  or would you have a thumnail in a bigger blank space?  Lots of questions around how you'd make this useful to both mobile users and desktops - but either way it's a major editor feature,  so unless they already thought of this I don;t think we'll see it anytime soon...

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I was thinking a little along the lines on how you recive emails, to speed up viewing images are retracted and can be viewed either one by one or all together. Same kind of principle, a person can either view them one by one or view as the author intended. But its a choice.

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